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Martin is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building new markets for existing companies and has been a founder of multiple start ups. He has held roles from President/CEO to C level marketing and sales roles in a variety of industries including IT Staffing, online gaming, retail and digital marketing. He has recently founded High 5 Inspirations which provides entrepreneur support and education for disadvantaged groups.He is a graduate of Culver Military Academy and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. Other interests include classic wooden boats, golf, water sports, live music, and basketball.


Martin Tyson

Abhi is a true nomad at heart; he resides between Vancouver, BC and San Antonio, TX and more often than not is on the go.He is the Founder and Principal of Naya Consultants, a boutique Consultancy whose mission is to assist in bringing retail concepts with a social and/or environmental cause engrained in their DNA to market. In tandem, Naya performs the functions of a retail ninja by quietly and quickly assisting struggling mom and pop retailers with turnarounds. Furthermore, Naya is conceptualizing innovative retail projects that focus on maximizing both the experience and efficiency of a retail space with the introduction of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Founding Advisory Board

Abhi T.

Ryan Small is a typical entrepreneur that has launched multiple businesses ranging from local to national brands. Having spent most of his professional career in the sports industry, he has vast experience in product design and creation, sales (both big box retail and online), as well as the services industry.

As the founder and COO of Discover Your Game, Ryan has vast experience in what it takes to go from product concept to creation to market. After leaving Discover Your Game, he moved on to launch two brands: iWorkSocial (Yelp for remote workers) and Defy Athletix (sports camps).

Ryan considers himself a generalist who is not great at one particular thing, but understands how to set up, run, and delegate to experts at various levels of a business.

Ryan is also one of the speakers for High 5.


Ryan Small