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Joe Dauskurdas

Joe Started his career at GE and GE Captial graduating with honors in two of their financial leadership training programs where he worked for 7 years and had 8 diverse assignments. He was then recruited by Dell to develop their financial services and services sales and marketing organizations supporting their large clients including the Fortune 500,  Federal and State Governments.  When Dell started they only had 1 Corporate client.  He also built 3 High Growth Tech sales teams as well as started 6 Real Estate Brokerages which grew from zero to over 500 agents

Ryan J. Schoenbeck

Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D., P.C.C. is a certified executive and mentor coach. Ryan works with leaders to expand their contributions and help create and amplify leadership with all those they contribute with around the world. He has been in business for over 10 years and he has worked, contributed to the professional development, and created innovations in organizations for over 33 years. Ryan has given 45 titled leadership and organizational development talks. He has taught 21 graduate and three undergraduate leadership courses in four universities. Ryan has convened global community leadership conversations for over 20 years. Ryan co-leads as the president of the International Coach Federation Greater Austin Charter Chapter. Explore more at https://generosityleadership.com

Richard Hellen

Richard Hellen is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, coach, author, retired Army vet, and the owner of Pathways a Business and Relationship Coaching organization, which specializes in leadership development, sales enrichment, relationship enhancement, individual coaching and keynote speaking. Richard is also the author of Leadership in Life and Love and his latest book entitled Marriage and Relationship Success It's Intentional. Richard’s mission is to transform organizations and relationships by clarifying their WHY and filter all decisions from that point of reference. His favorite quote is “If we never learn to lead ourselves, we will have a hard time leading others.”

Oleg Lougheed

Uncertainty, guided him during a time of tragedy and pain.Opportunity, found him a new home halfway across the world and gave him a reason to believe that there was more in life to gain.Rejection, affirmed his thoughts and feelings of the change that needed to take place.Fear, gave Oleg Lougheed the confidence to create the much-needed, Overcoming Odds, space. www.overcomingodds.today

Amber Wakem

Founder, Amber Wakem, doesn't have a claim to fame. You won't find her name on the big screen, featured in books, or known around the world---yet. She is simply a woman who set out to change the way we look at education. After her bubbly daughter shut down in kindergarten and was later identified as being dyslexic, once teacher shifted her views on how to best support her daughter after she watched her started a business at the age of eight. Quitting her job to start a non-profit, Amber sees entrepreneurship as a way to not only empower students with learning differences, but equip an otherwise unprepared generation with the crucial life skills they will need to succeed beyond the classroom. www.startupkidsclub.com

Stacy Johnson

After leaving an alcoholic and neglectful mother and entering the foster care system at the age of two, Stacy Johnson spent the next 14 years moving from foster home to foster home, dreaming that someday she would open a children’s shelter and help other kids like herself. In May of 2014, that dream came to fruition as she finally opened the doors of Central Texas Table of Grace, an emergency shelter for children ages 6 to 17 in the foster care system who have nowhere else to go. Today, the mission of Central Texas Table of Grace is to create a loving, nurturing, homelike environment for displaced youth in the Central Texas area, providing shelter and healthy food as well as teaching healthy habits and life skills. In 2017, Central Texas Table of Grace received the True Inspiration Award from the Chick-Fil-A Foundation for their passion and investment in inspiring the children they care for. Recently, Stacy was nominated for the Phillis Richards Austin Icon for Children Award, and in September received the Champion for Children Award. She was also featured on the July 2018 cover of Austin Women Magazine as an inspiration to women in the community.

Rachael Phillips

Rachael’s professional experience is in digital advertising, internet marketing, and product marketing, so her role in GOGA encompasses all things marketing, branding, event planning/promotion, customer service, and public relations. Rachael is an animal lover and a firm believer in holistic health. She personally thinks that almost anything can be healed through laughter, a positive attitude, an active lifestyle, animals/nature, and meditation, and GOGA is the perfect combination of these things. Her “WHY” is seeing the authentic joy and happiness on GOGA attendees’ faces class after class.

Dr. Haley Waud PT, DPT

Haley received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013. On entering the real world, she realized that she had a passion for solving everyday problems by inventing and developing products and solutions. This rapidly grew from a hobby to a budding business and in January 2018 she founded Youreka Hub LLC., a product licensing, developing and coaching company. Youreka Hub’s mission is to constantly bring innovative products to market and in tandem to guide aspiring inventors through the licensing process. Haley currently has two full patents, three PPA’s and four more in the pipeline; she signed her first licensing deal in December 2017 and her second is on the licensing table.Ms. Waud currently resides between San Antonio, Texas and Vancouver, British Columbia and has a constant hunger to travel and explore the world; little known fact is that she set foot on all seven continents before the age of 24. She is an active volunteer who loves to hike, golf and sail in her spare time and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under three minutes.

Abhi T.

Abhi is a true nomad at heart; he resides between Vancouver, BC and San Antonio, TX and more often than not is on the go. He is the Founder and Principal of Naya Consultants, a boutique Consultancy that aims to bring retail concepts with a social and/or environmental cause engrained in their DNA to market; check out Nada (www.nadagrocery.com) – “Canada’s first package-free grocery initiative”. In tandem, Naya performs the functions of a retail ninja by quietly and quickly assisting struggling mom and pop retailers with turnarounds. Furthermore, Naya is working on conceptual retail projects that focus on maximizing both the experience and efficiency of a retail space with the introduction of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.Abhi & Naya are also actively involved in the Not-For-Profit space, contributing to Start Up Kids Club (www.startupkidsclub.com), an organization which teaches children from the ages of 5-13 how to be entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they are currently drawing up the plans for a respite ranch for the families of children with special needs.Before devoting his work fulltime to Naya Consultants, Abhi served as Director for a luxury retailing behemoth where he successfully ran a network of 120 retail stores and 300 employees, generating gross revenues in excess of $120 million.  He is a certified mentor & active volunteer who loves to cook, hike and travel in his spare time. Abhi earned his Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada and his MBA from the International School of Hard Knocks.


Speakers that make a difference


At High 5 Inspirations, we seek out local impactful entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences with our students. In addition to being entrepreneurs, they are also community leaders, and several of them were foster kids themselves. We give each one of them a High 5 for donating their time to help our students overcome challenging life situations to become the leaders of tomorrow.

If you're interested in hiring a speaker:

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Harlow Russell

Harlow has lived and worked in Asia since 1992: 8 years in Indonesia, 14 years in Singapore and 4 years in Thailandand Vietnam. He understands cross-cultural challenges when marketing and selling between countries. He is himself an International Media Personality and MC. His specialty has been new Market Entry of Western products and services into Asia and now Asian products into the USA.Harlow has worked for global brands including Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, the Gartner Group, IBM, Walton International, the US Government, ReMax International, Ringier AG and other global multi-national corporations. In early 2019, Harlow founded Awesome 3D Cards (www.Awesome3DCards.com) The company designs and manufactures custom 3D Greeting cards for Companies and Organizations. Using Vietnamese Kirigami art form, these items are a unique and valuable way to engage your customers, prospects, suppliers, donors, investors, and more.  


Jason Schmer

25 years of experience in technology and operations across multiple industries including manufacturing, logistics, medical and transportation. 2010 IBTTA Leadership Academy graduate with over 12 years engaged in the tolling space. Multiple exits with latest sale a $180M purchase largely based on growth of tolling division, a $40M / yr business unit Jason started from scratch.  


Lara Price

Lara Price was born in the war-torn country of Vietnam in 1975. Abandoned at birth, Lara became a part of the controversial Operation Baby Lift, the mass evacuation of orphans from South Vietnam to the United States. Her journey out of Vietnam to her new home was nothing short of a miracle, as 90 percent of the orphaned babies did not survive. Lara Price is a survivor. Lara arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997 to pursue her dream of singing in a band. The journey of Lara’s career includes tours across the United States, China, multiple bands, and 5 CD’s that Lara Price has produced, co-written, and on which she has played multiple instruments. Lara’s journey continues in Austin, Texas. Her 6th CD, “I Mean Business,” is exactly that! “I Mean Business” has been picked up by Vizztone Label Group and has earned Lara Price a Best Soul/Blues Female Artist nomination for 2017.


Ryan Small

Ryan Small is a typical entrepreneur that has launched multiple businesses ranging from local to national brands. Having spent most of his professional career in the sports industry, he has vast experience in product design and creation, sales (both big box retail and online), as well as the services industry.As the founder and COO of Discover Your Game, Ryan has vast experience in what it takes to go from product concept to creation to market. After leaving Discover Your Game, he moved on to launch two brands: iWorkSocial (Yelp for remote workers) and Defy Athletix (sports camps).Ryan considers himself a generalist who is not great at one particular thing, but understands how to set up, run, and delegate to experts at various levels of a business.